Monday, 19 March 2018

Six Story Sacks...2018 Whanau Engagement

Six Story Sacks ready to go home...

Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Enormous Turnip

Little Red Riding Hood

The Three Little Pigs

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Gingerbread Man
A traditional tale is a story that has been orally told and re-told for many years, and consequently, becomes a story that almost everyone knows in some shape or form. Traditional tales create an emotional connection and people are emotional creatures...
Storytelling allows us to digest information more easily because it connects that information to our emotions. Storytelling is important because it is effective at teaching in a way that people can easily remember, and at helping people relate to one another.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

GIS T.I 2018

2018 Glen Innes School Teacher Inquiry...

Professional Learning
ALL TEACHERS should use inquiry, collaborative problem-solving and professional learning
to improve professional capability to impact on the learning and achievement of all learners.

  • Inquire into and reflect on the effectiveness of practice in an ongoing way, using evidence from a range of sources.
  • Critically examine how my own assumptions and beliefs, including cultural beliefs, impact on practice and the achievement of learners with different abilities and needs, backgrounds, genders, identities, languages and cultures.
  • Engage in professional learning and adaptively apply this learning in practice.
  • Be informed by research and innovations related to: content disciplines; pedagogy; teaching for diverse learners including learners with disabilities and learning support needs; and wider education matters.
  • Seek and respond to feedback from learners, colleagues and other education professionals, and engage in collaborative problem-solving and learning-focused collegial discussions.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Oral Language - base line data

Using the 6 students who were part of my CoL Teacher Inquiry from 2017, I have gathered a base-line for their ORAL LANGUAGE age ability, based on a score interpretation.  

The data was gathered in Week 5 Term 1 2018 and will be time-point checked again in Week 5 Term 3 2018 and Week 6 Term 4 2018 for comparison.


Time point 1
 Check point against chronological age

Timepoint 2
 Check point against chronological age

Timepoint 3
 Check point against chronological age




3yrs 8 months

-2yr 6m



6 yrs 1 month

@ C.A



4yrs 11 months

-1yr 4m



NZ. Maori


- 1yr 3m



NZ. European
5yrs 10 months

- 10m




6yrs 6 months

- 4m

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

GIS Manaiakalani Staff Meeting

GIS Term 1 2018 Staff Meeting 19/2/2018

  • Effective Teaching...reflection & impact

  • Integration...what difference do I want to make?

  • Teaching as Inquiry...a process of reflection and action to improve learner outcomes

  • Big Idea...language in abundance

How are YOU updating YOUR practise?

How are YOU making YOUR thinking visible?

  • How are YOU updating YOUR practice?
  • How are YOU making YOUR thinking visible?

Sunday, 18 February 2018

2018 T1 CoL Leaders Meeting

CoL Leaders Meeting 19/2/2018

  • Data Narrative
 What happened in 2017 that impacted the achievement of our young people. What is the untold story to wrap around a research report?

  • Language Acquisition

Language in abundance environments ‘drip’ with language availability and attention,
where noticing and relevant use of words allow for deeper,
wider, more specific and precise, context appropriate language expression…
leading to knowing at deeper and broader levels.
Dr. Jannie Van Hees

  • Inquiry Meta Analysis

Leaders of inquiries:
Supporting quality inquiries

Solutions that arise for strong analysis of the issue
Watch out for those where solutions generated before problem investigated

Evidence about student learning
Make sure that student learning can be assessed

A strong theory
Interrogate the logical links between the identified issue and the proposed refinements

Intensity of implementation
Make sure changes to the teaching can be documented and evidenced

Changes to learning process
Make sure that the inquiry has addressed what will change in the learning process for the students, and that this can be documented

A thought provoking leadership meeing which raised more questions than I managed to answer...